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Registration of PUBG Lite in India: Free Skins Visit!

The response from PUBG Mobile will now reach us all. But many people do not know that the PC version of this game was popular before that time. The first time that the phone version became more popular than the PC version was seen.

The game that was for PC's computer was not good enough and they would like to have a PC or a laptop that is quite good to play.

But in the meantime many people got excited by PUBG Mobile Emulator. Now there is a new PUBG Lite version for computers with low capacity PUBG PCs! This version is going to be available free on Windows PC!

PUBG Lite is currently available in Thailand and is now being available in countries such as Asia, Europe, America. An entry has been started in India for this process till July 3. Meanwhile, coupon codes of different skins will be sent by email to registered users! He has given information on his official Facebook page.

All players who register for this trial of PUBG Lite will get a paragraph sketch of a Tiger M416 gun and puzzle.

If you register for the first 100000, you will get black scarves, punk glasses, and combate pants. If registered up to 200000, you will get gold PUBG scarf, yellow-black striped long-sleeved shirt and red sports top.

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